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Our XL PETaPOTTY is the smallest in the Heavy Dudy line of industrial strength PETaPOTTYs. Perfect for large dogs, lofts, common areas, doggy day cares, groomers, dog walks and dog parks, the XL PETaPOTTY is 4' by 4' of green potty space and stands 6" high.

Our revolutionary Heavy Dudy drainage system includes a valve which flushes all water and liquid waste straight into the floor drain eliminating the need to clean the tray associated with the original PETaPOTTY line. The XL model comes with the drainage valve system and hook ups including 3 feet of tubing but it is not attached. Since every floor plan is unique, different configurations are needed to install the system and it is up to the individual to make those adjustments so the hole is drilled in the correct place and the tube fits into the drain properly. This simple process takes only few minutes.

Comes with Natural Sod.

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