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Dog Steps for Small Dogs - How to Choose

Dog Steps for little dogs are usually very different from steps for large dogs. If you have a little dog it is important to buy steps that will allow them to access those places in your house they would normally jump to and from.

Steps for small dogs should have the following features:

1. Smaller individual steps allowing little legs to get up on each step without jumping.
2. Side rails, also known as solid side steps for small dogs to prevent the little ones from falling off the sides.
3. Narrow dimensions to take up less space in your home and give your pup a direct path to your bed or other high places.

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Things to consider when choosing your little dogs steps:

1. Don't buy steps that need to be assembled unless you are good with your hands and able to perform wood working tasks. All our small dog steps are completely assembled and built by hand here in the US by fellow dog lovers.
2. Always look for carpeted treads to allow your little one a comfortable path that also provides good traction. We offer both decorative wood steps with carpeted treads as well as all carpet small dog steps.
3. Avoid steps that are super light and made form slick plastic. Plastic and other slick lightweight materials will move under your pet and have the potential to cause harm or scare your little ones from using the steps ever again. All our dog steps are hand-made from sturdy materials that will provide a secure path to bed for every size of dog.

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