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Cleaning Your Dog Steps

When it comes to cleaning your dog steps from it is very important to consider and research the following:

1. What are they made of?
2. What type of wood is it and is it real or not?
3. What is beneath the carpet? Wood, foam or plastic?
4. What does the manufacturer suggest for cleaning?

All of our dog steps at are made from real wood not laminate and no plastic at all. The center of our solid side steps have foam under the carpet and therefore can be cleaned with wet or dry vacuums and carpet cleaners.

All of our Heavy Duty Dog Steps for large dogs are made from wood and therefore wet carpet cleaners should be avoided. Only use dry carpet cleaners, a damp cloth or vacuum to clean the treads and the sides. The bottoms should not be allow to sit in wet areas or outside to avoid issues with the wood.

If you step is made from plastic (not one of ours) then you will want to contact the seller and ask what cleaners are ok to use with the plastic. Some cleaners may cause damage to the plastic and the glues and will void any warranty you have on your steps.

If you have any questions or want help choosing the right steps for your dog give us a call at 888-842-5230. Thanks and have a great day!, the #1 place to find quality Pet Steps